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Name Title Email Phone
Acuna, Elizabeth Assistant Principal, 7-12 305
Adams, Charné Assistant Principal, K-6 303
Adams, Rohan Chemistry / AP Biology Instructor 508
Anderson, Kay 1st Grade Teacher 106
Anderson, Ryan Biology Teacher & Human Anatomy & Physiology 508
Andrus, Diane French Teacher - Middle & High School n/a
Arnold, Julie 5th Grade Teacher 202
Beck, Jeffrey Spanish, Yearbook and Computer Tech
Beckham, Carolee Photography Teacher
Beckwith, Grant Principal & Principles of Leadership Teacher 302
Bigelow, Rachel Music Accompanist, Grades K-3
Bigelow, Stephanie Health Teacher, P.E. Teacher - Middle & High 330
Biggs, Katherine Boys Varsity Volleyball Coach n/a
Bingham, Charlotte 4th Grade Teacher 203
Bingham, Cynthia Kindergarten Teacher - Full Day 113
Braddy, Renee Kindergarten Teacher - Full Day 115
Brinkerhoff, LaReta Tutoring n/a
Brockbank, Brooke Administrative Assistant 333
Brown, Kayson Orchestra 459
Carver, Lynette Reading/Math Specialist 120
Clark, Jay Technical Director
Conder, Jill 4th Grade Aide 201
Cook, Autumn Kindergarten Aide 115
Cornell, Jared 5th Grade 403
Cory, Bethany 5th Grade 204
Crockett, Deanne 8th Grade Aide 407
Crossley, Heidi 10th Grade Core and AP English 452
Crossley, Ty 7th Grade 411
Culver, Chris Art 340
Davis, Jane 2nd Grade 108
DeBirk, Alex Physics, AP Physics and Intro to Engineering 342
Duncan, Bill HDE Online Instructor n/a
Dunn, Holly Kindergarten Aid
Earnest, Jacob 10th Grade Core Teacher 403
Eberting, LauraLyn Music (AHYC) 451
Eddleman, Peggy Grade 10 Aide 406
Fallon, Amy 6th Grade 329
Figueiredo, Lacey 3rd Grade 114
Gallup, Suzanne Library Assistant 105
Gentile, Nick Seminary Principal n/a
Glenn, Jacob Online Instructor n/a
Goodrich, Kandace Front Office Manager 300
Griffith, Andrew 8th Grade 408
Hale, Chase Finance Director 502
Hancock, David 9th Grade 405
Hansen, Keisha 8th Grade 406
Harris, Nicole ASL n/a
Haymond, Ruel 12th Grade 401
Hayward, Cathy Lunch Aide n/a
Heiner, Camille MS/HS Math Teacher 525
Hendrickson, Adam Finance 346
Hilmo, Tess 9th Grade Core Teacher 404
Hunsaker, Blaine Assistant Principal, K–12 304
Hymas, Jeff 7th Grade 410
Jensen, Jeff HDE Online Instructor n/a
Jorgensen, Michelle Music (AHYC) n/a
Kennard, Jake School Counselor Intern 458
Knecht, Peter Distance Education - Business Director 513
Larsen, Shawnell MS/HS Math Teacher 525
Larsen, Shirley Ann Reading Specialist 310
Larson, Linda Finance 504
Logan, Karen Science K-6 118
Long, Gail MS/HS Math Teacher 526
Lundberg, Carolyn Orchestra n/a
McConkie, Melanie Library 308
McIntyre, Angie 3rd Grade 112
McKinley, Kris HR Director - Registrar 324
McMurray, Vicki Music 4-6 and 7-12 Women’s Choirs 456
McNamara, Julie 1st Grade 102
McOmber, Barbara Ballroom n/a
Meade, Jeff Math Teacher 523
Melecio, Melodi 6th Grade Aide n/a
Monson, Athena Aide/Admin Asst. 301
Morrill, Nancy Admission Director 362
Newman, Jolyn Science (5-8) 509
Nielsen, Kerry 3rd Grade 210
Olpin, Lacey Coach n/a
Ostler, Susan Library / Study Hall 308
Otteson, Deborah Music K-3 Teacher 450
Packer, Rachelle Kindergarten Teacher 107
Parker, Jan Art (K-5) 117
Patch, Chrisann P.E. (K-4) 330
Patten, Donna Music (4-6) 456
Peel, Trisha 2nd Grade 115
Perry, Johanne Drama / 5th Grade Aide 453
Pew, Amanda 4th Grade 201
Randall, Jereamie Elem. 6th Grade 209
Reed, Sariah Kindergarten Aide n/a
Rodeback, Heidi Music (AHYC) n/a
Rowe, Ed Institutional Advancement Director 503
Rowen, Deanna Finance 506
Skousen, Rebecka Science Aide 342
Smith, Alice HDE Instructor n/a
Smith, Brian Athletic Director
Soderstrom, Paula 1st Grade 101
Stoddard, Hannah FEC 503
Strong, Linda Kindergarten (Full Day) 109
Swenson, Robert Music (Dept. Chair) 455
Updike, Lauri 7th Grade 412
Webb, Sarah Front Office Administrative Assistant
Wheeler, Bob Admin. - Facilities 314
Willey, Denise Orchestra n/a
Wilson, Casey 4th Grade 205
Wood, Samuel MS/HS Math Teacher 527
Wood, Stacy Guidance Counselor 306
Wood, Tiffany 6th Grade Aid
Wulfenstein, Kristi 2nd Grade Aide n/a
Yamada, Laura 8th Grade 407