American Heritage School has many traditions that play a role in the School's unique philosophy and culture. Daily morning devotionals that are held for the entire faculty are followed by devotionals held in each classroom where scriptures and poems are read and memorized together.


Additionally, the culture of American Heritage strives to enhance our academic learning in a variety of ways that enforce our belief that learning is a fun, joyful experience. At the conclusion of each major piece of literature studied in a class, each class enjoys a celebration re-enforcing what they have learned. For example, in first grade at the conclusion of reading Little House in the Big Woods, a party is held where students dress like pioneers, eat pancakes with maple syrup, make molasses taffy and enjoy dancing the Virginia reel. These celebrations continue in every grade and match the appropriate literature that has been studied.

Student Presentations

American Heritage also presents an annual program entitled, “The Spirit of America Speaks.” Presented by the students in a completely memorized form, the two hour program traces the line of freedom and liberty and agency from pre-mortal existence to the present day. Scenes and characters depicted include Moses and the Children of Israel, the Magna Charta, Martin Luther, Columbus, the American Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, and various American Founding Fathers.

Other traditions at American Heritage School include the annual Veteran’s Day and Christmas Concerts where the School’s orchestra (which has been awarded Best of State for the past four years), combines with the School’s choirs and guest artists for an evening of inspirational music. Additionally, the School’s traditions include the Christmas Teddy-Bear Service Project, the Dance Festival, Shakespeare Week, and a Spring Choral Concert – to name a few.

Sacrifice To Make Sacred

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